Project N.E.E.D. Inc

​​Built for the community by the community

When disaster strikes, we're here.

We here at Project N.E.E.D. Inc. are committed to this organization in that every penny of every dollar that is donated or raised will be solely used for the benefit of the house or any future tenants. No board or committee member will ever benefit from any donation in any way.  

It is our sincere wish to gain community support so that Project N.E.E.D. may continue for many generations to come.

In June 1990 a small group of concerned citizens of Albion PA decided that they wanted to help their community in times of crisis.  Project N.E.E.D. was the result of countless hours of labor that were volunteered by people and organizations in the area to restore and renovate a house donated to them by the MooseHeart, the governing body of the Moose Club of Albion.

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Project NEED Inc
Small Games of Chance #  20155665
501 (c) 3 Organization

Saturday, June, 3rd 2017

Annual Open House
The N.E.E.D House 
                69 E State St
               Albion, PA 16401

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You, a family member, a friend, or a neighbor experiences the worst kind of tragedy…a house fire.  Where do you stay until your house is either rebuilt or repaired?  Short term is generally an easy answer as you can stay in a hotel or with relatives but what if you need housing for a month or two or even longer?  That’s where we come in; Northwestern Extended Emergency Dwelling was created for just this purpose.  This local, community based, non-profit organization has existed for over 25 years helping our families, neighbors, and friends in times of tragedy.

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